What is colour psychology?

Studies have shown that colour influence psychological fonctionning. Despite of general lack of research, this topic is hot in marketing and other areas.Of course, our feeling of colour is conditioned by personal experiences and culture, but there are some universal rules how they impact us.

We have warm and cool colours. This warms colours evoke good feelings and comfort. Contrairly, cool colours make us feel relaxed, but also sad.
Even Chinese and Egiptians, years ago, used colours to treatement. For exemple they used red to increase circulation and blue was used to treat a pain.
However, experiments demonstrated that colours can impact people, and for exemple
people judged warm coloured pills placebo more effectives than blue pills, also blue streetlights reduced crimes in that area, moreover people associate bad qualities with people dressed in black.
We can conclude that interest of psychology of colour is still growing and additional research is still needed, because there are many questions that we dont have the reponse. For exemple, how colours influence society behaviour and consuments?  Or maybe, can colour be used to increse worker productivity or workplace savety?

It is very interesting topic, but we need to remember that we should be wary of claims concerning colours’ psychology, because of lack of research. It’ s depend first of all on person, situation and culture.

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