What are the advantages of using public transportation in a city?

Using public transportation has a lot of benefits: it is a good solution to save money, time and to protect environment.
Firstly, when we use buses or tramways, we economize. A regular using of car is more expensive than monthly ticket. Moreover, we don’t have to pay the car maintenance costs.Than, travelling by tram we avoid car traffic. In fact, it is possible to get to your destination in 15 minutes, instead of spend one hour in traffic jam, between others vehicles.Finally, the most important fact is that we take care for environment. Thanks to using public transport, people can reduce carbon emissions. One vehicle like tram or bus can transport several dozen people, however in one private car we can very often see only one or two persons.

We need to say that it is important to use public transportation, because of the advantages for us and for our environment. 

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