What are the advantages of using public transportation in a city?

Using public transportation has a lot of benefits: it is a good solution to save money, time and to protect environment.
Firstly, when we use buses or tramways, we economize. A regular using of car is more expensive than monthly ticket. Moreover, we don’t have to pay the car maintenance costs.Than, travelling by tram we avoid car traffic. In fact, it is possible to get to your destination in 15 minutes, instead of spend one hour in traffic jam, between others vehicles.Finally, the most important fact is that we take care for environment. Thanks to using public transport, people can reduce carbon emissions. One vehicle like tram or bus can transport several dozen people, however in one private car we can very often see only one or two persons.

We need to say that it is important to use public transportation, because of the advantages for us and for our environment. 


Thirteen reasons why

It is a new series which deal with very important social problem. It talks about girl who commited suicide and she explain in 13 episodes her 13 reasons why she had done that.
She shows there 13 stories of people who harmed her by words they used or others situations.
In my opinion this series is worth to watch for everyone, but especially for young people who very often don’t realize how theirs words or behaviour can influence others.

This series created by Brian Yorkey is an adaptation of book by Jay Asher from 2007.  At the beginning we can wonder why director decided to make a series instead of feature film, but during one or two hours it isn’t possible to show this story with so many details. Moreover, we can  discuss about quality of this series, views etc., but undoubtedly it’s thought-provoking publication.


Motorshow and Beauty vision

During April there are many commercial shows. When spring begins, a great number of producers want to present theirs new products on the market for sale.

For example, we could be a eyewitness of motorshow and vision beauty in our town. Normally, you have to pay for entrance. In this type of events, you can meet average people who just watch these new products because of curiosity. They have possibility to only watch or buy things they are interested in.  Anyway, also this shows are particularly send to companies who can be a potential client of this brand. For instance, on vision beauty we can see a lot of brands who present their beauty products like hybrid nail polishs, hair care products or skin care products. You pay for entrance, but you can profit many reductions, that gives you a chance to test this product. In this way, hairdressing or manicure salons can seek a cooperation with the brands they like. Moreover, people who don’t have their salon or company, they can just profit sale. It is a good opportunity for new brands to be noticed on the market, and for beauty salons to find the products they like and they want to use in theirs salons.

Thing is similar in case of motorshow, but there are higher prices, so generally „normal” people don’t buy the cars, but they just have a possibility to watch newest car on the market. You can see there cars of producers like ferrari or porsche which costs millions. In the other hand, there also a exposition of historical cars.

At the begening, I didn’t like this idea to go there and watch cars, but finally  I was impressed by this show and I would like to visit this place next year. 


Easter in United States

Recently we celebrated Easter. This Christian festival is celebrated in the whole world, but every country have his own tradition.

For example, in United States, there is a parade where woman and man flaunt their special costumes and colorful bonnets. In New Orlean, they perform Easter carnival called „Mardi Gras” where you can listen to jazz music and go to the party. The Easter Parade in New York is the most popular parade in USA. Everyone can participe this happening, but it is desirable to wear colorful clothes to say hello to spring. However, like in the others countries in the world, the symbols of Easter in the USA are bunnies, Easter tree, Easter Eggs and Easter lamb. When it comes to food, it is not very special. The American people eat baked ham, potatoes ,vegetables and hot cross buns like the traditional Easter dishes. Also, egg roll is a traditional game played by children.

We can say that european celebration is quite different, it is not so pompous, but it is also the most important Christian fete.


Game of Thrones

Recently I have let talk into watching Game of thrones. And I don’t regret. It is an American fantasy TV series besed on book by George R.R. Martin. For this moment we were able to watch six seasons. In 2017 we can expect seventh season and in 2018 eighth.
This story is about dynastic conflict between noble families who want to conquer the Iron Throne of Seven Kingdoms. At first glance we can see that this series is high-budget because of the scenery, costumes, requisites. It was filmed in the Unated States, United Kingdom, in Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Marocco and Spain. It seems to me that is because of beautiful sceneries which need to show Seven Kingdoms. It is rather historical and medieval fantasy than modern. It is based on political intrigues, battles and conspiracies. We can’t find there a lot of magic. Athlough events are fantastic, story and people seem to be real. Long time after, it is possible to discern complexity of characters. We see their alternation, when firsly they seem to us to be bad and after we empathize them and we interpret them like good people.

In conclusion I can say that I’am surprise because of a fact that I can’t wait next season, because I have never even like fantasy and when I heard this is it, I said “It’s not for me”.


April Fools' Day

Today it’s April Fool’s Day. Every year, we make jokes to our friends and family, we spend a lot of time wondering how we can trick them, but actually, why do we celebrate this day? There is a few theories why we do so.

First theory derive from France. In 1582 France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian and as a consequence, New Year’s Day was moved from 1st April to 1st January, but certain people continued to celebrate New Year in April.

According to second theory, we celebrate this day, because of the weather. First day of spring is in March, so we expect to have a nice weather in April. Unfortunately, weather trick us and sometimes in April we can see a snow.

Third theory claim that this tradition was introduced by English who played jokes one to another around 1700 and then it became a tradition. 

So be careful this day and watch your back!



How lunch in France looks like? What is typical for France, is the fact that generally, French people have two hours lunch break during work. Oftentimes, they start their work at 9 a.m. and finish at 17.p.m. For this reason, they like eat their lunch with they workmates in restaurant. Of course, It isn’t a principle and sometimes they eat baguettes during the work. Therefore, if they have time, they like to order in restaurant. In this case meal can consist of appetizer like salad or soup, than  a meat or fish accompanied with a type of potato and a warm vegetable, followed with a dessert and occasionally a cheese platter. Lunch is often accompanied by wine atlough they have to back to work.