What is colour psychology?

Studies have shown that colour influence psychological fonctionning. Despite of general lack of research, this topic is hot in marketing and other areas.Of course, our feeling of colour is conditioned by personal experiences and culture, but there are some universal rules how they impact us.

We have warm and cool colours. This warms colours evoke good feelings and comfort. Contrairly, cool colours make us feel relaxed, but also sad.
Even Chinese and Egiptians, years ago, used colours to treatement. For exemple they used red to increase circulation and blue was used to treat a pain.
However, experiments demonstrated that colours can impact people, and for exemple
people judged warm coloured pills placebo more effectives than blue pills, also blue streetlights reduced crimes in that area, moreover people associate bad qualities with people dressed in black.
We can conclude that interest of psychology of colour is still growing and additional research is still needed, because there are many questions that we dont have the reponse. For exemple, how colours influence society behaviour and consuments?  Or maybe, can colour be used to increse worker productivity or workplace savety?

It is very interesting topic, but we need to remember that we should be wary of claims concerning colours’ psychology, because of lack of research. It’ s depend first of all on person, situation and culture.


Mother’s Day

Today, in Poland we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a fete when we honorise the mother of the family, like we honorise father during Father’s Day or grandparents during Grandparents’ Day. It is a special day when we should spend time with our mother or say her how much we appreciate her effort and thanks her for all.  Almost, it is a good idea to offer her some gift like a face cream or take her to the cinema. Traditionally you can also buy her some flowers, and to complet your gift, certainly your mather will be moved when you will buy her a greeting card with kind words. If you would like to offer to your mother some special present but you have no idea, you can use tips from prevoius post.


What present buy to your mother?

Soon our Mothers will celebrate their Day. It is a good occasion to thanks to your mother for all and to buy her something special. If you don’t want to buy her something obvious, what she can expect, 
like a face cream or flowers, you can look for another inspiration. I have prepared a few exemples.

1.       You can take your mother to the cinema to sped your time together during this special day.
2.       You can also go shopping with your mother. Maybe you don’t do this very often.        
3.       You can offer to your mom a giftcard. She wiil be able to buy something she prefer.
4.       Every woman are happy about visit in the SPA
5.       Perennial Wather Bottle which keeps her beverage cold or hot up to a few hours will be useful during  summer and winter.
6.       Planner which is a type of calendar will be useful for every busy woman.
7.       Good book is always a good idea.

8.       You can also make something yourself or bake a cake. 


How to prepare cold cheesecake?

Recently I have prepared this no-bake cheesecake and I would like to share with you my recipe.


60dag cream cheese
30 dag sugar
3 eggs
5 dag margarin or butter
3 tablespoons gelatin
1 cup milk
1 vanilla sugar

raisins (optionally)


1.       Put in a bowl margarin and sugar. Pulse until combined.
2.       Add eggs pulse until ingredients are combined.
3.       Add add little by little cream cheese, constantly mixing.
4.       Pour lukewarm milk.
5.       Add vanilla sugar
6.       Add cold gelatin, dissolved into ½ cup of hot water. Pulse until ingredients are  thoroughly combined.
7.       You can add raisins if you want.
8.       Put the biscuits on the bottom of the mold.
9.       Pour your batter into mold.
10.   Refrigerate until set.
11.   Additionally, you can also add a gelatin dessert.
12.   Refrigerate all at least 2 hours or until set.

Enjoy your dessert! 


My reflexion about life on-line

Today majority of people, especially young, are all the time on-line. They share their life, not only with their friends and family, but also with strangers, for example on Instragram.  
Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of that behaviour, but there is one additional aspect that I was thinking about – life which is perfect only in the Web.
Instead of live out a situation, smell, watch the sunset and feel wind in the hair, people are focused on take a good photo… instead of watching a show, we are watching our phones, because we want to record a good video.

Indeed, sometimes I have impression that people frequently race on social medias. It’s so important who had a good breakfast or who drunk a beer.


What are the advantages of using public transportation in a city?

Using public transportation has a lot of benefits: it is a good solution to save money, time and to protect environment.
Firstly, when we use buses or tramways, we economize. A regular using of car is more expensive than monthly ticket. Moreover, we don’t have to pay the car maintenance costs.Than, travelling by tram we avoid car traffic. In fact, it is possible to get to your destination in 15 minutes, instead of spend one hour in traffic jam, between others vehicles.Finally, the most important fact is that we take care for environment. Thanks to using public transport, people can reduce carbon emissions. One vehicle like tram or bus can transport several dozen people, however in one private car we can very often see only one or two persons.

We need to say that it is important to use public transportation, because of the advantages for us and for our environment. 


Thirteen reasons why

It is a new series which deal with very important social problem. It talks about girl who commited suicide and she explain in 13 episodes her 13 reasons why she had done that.
She shows there 13 stories of people who harmed her by words they used or others situations.
In my opinion this series is worth to watch for everyone, but especially for young people who very often don’t realize how theirs words or behaviour can influence others.

This series created by Brian Yorkey is an adaptation of book by Jay Asher from 2007.  At the beginning we can wonder why director decided to make a series instead of feature film, but during one or two hours it isn’t possible to show this story with so many details. Moreover, we can  discuss about quality of this series, views etc., but undoubtedly it’s thought-provoking publication.